Monday, February 20, 2012

grey turns 3!

grey turned 3 last friday! we had the coolest batman party, and also had a great lunch with friends at mcdonalds. he is such a spoiled little boy, but we love him and think that's just fine.

here's the scoop on grey at 3 years old:
-knows all his letters, shapes and colors. we are working on the numbers!
-still sucks his thumb at night, and must sleep with his blanket
-loves all things batman, sonic, and spiderman. he also loves airplanes, dinosaurs and helicopters
-he's still really fast
-not potty trained yet, but hopefully soon
-can make his sisters laugh like no one else
-his favorite show is jake and the neverland pirates. he loves it so much that he yells "NEVER!" when we ask him to do almost anything.
-still likes to steal mom's coffee.
-is a great sleeper, and napper. he sleeps 2-3 hours every afternoon
-loves animals and trips to the zoo/aquarium
-he's just really funny.

tales from android part 2

this is spider man. he lives here now.
just chillin after dinner. no one is wearing pants...figures
oh hey spiderman
grey said "hey look! i'm the mom"
this is very blurry--but what is important is i can now put june's hair in a pony on top of her head. its cute.
poor thing was sick a few weeks ago, but still so happy after her nap!
still loves to play in the fridge....
...and the pantry

tales from android

here are some photos taken straight from my phone. they are random, but also pretty cute. enjoy!

june is amazing at peekaboo. so cute.

she has also joined the ranks of big tub bathing
ok lyla painted/drew this last week, completely unprompted by me. its the whole alphabet, plus she wrote all of our names. she's getting smarter all the time. i can't believe kindergarten is just around the corner.

the kids get SO excited when dad gets home. they usually bust down the stairs and fight over who saw him first. oy.
this is how they roll
lyla changes her outfit 5 times a day, or is naked.
just playing in peace.
she digs in the diapers all the time. i should probably find another place for them
lyla is really flexible...she laid in this box and hid from her brother. much laughter ensued.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Football 2012

The season ended with a loss for the patriots, but that's ok. We still had fun hanging out (er, being crazy) as a family. June has had an awful cold, so we stayed in and ate WAY too much food. I think we have a few football lovers around here, so we are excited for next seadon. Go pats!

Friday, December 2, 2011

buggy update

here's pretty, pretty June. she's almost 9 months, and keeps us very busy. she crawls (this started at 7 months), and now pulls up on everything! literally, everything she sees. i even saw her try to stand alone this week (she's totally cute). she's become a much better eater, though she definitely isn't lacking calories. last week she weighed 19lb even. sheesh.

we are working on signing. she signs "more" and claps when you say "yay juney!" she loves puffs, her little toddler cheeto puffs, and just this evening, she said dada. june also has almost 8 teeth, there are 3 more on the top just cutting through this weekend. she is by far my earliest teether, i expect she will be walking and have a full mouth of teeth by her first birthday.

but perhaps my most favorite trick she does is her foot clapping. i am not even kidding, she actually claps with her feet! i am going to have to get it on video because its hilarious. i think she started doing it when she got excited in the moby. it is the cutest.

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done in late September. I pretty much love them. Here are just a few. I have been holding out because I included them on my Christmas cards....these are some of the 50+ images we got that day. Lyla is 4, Grey is 2 1/2, and June is almost 7 months!

Fall Hike

In mid October we went on a hike up at Silver Lake. It was amazing, and we had a blast. Juney especially loves her moby wrap. Grey also walked the entire lake. I honestly cannot recall a more beautiful fall in the SLC.